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Thank-you for visiting our site and I hope you enjoy this story about the ThermaPod came to be. The ThermaPod was created by my wife Sandra, who like many smart, beautiful and overworked mothers looked at making lunches as a frustrating, lengthy task only because of the "way" lunches had to be made. It also may have been that having 4 boys under the age of 10 (or as I like to call them, "The Pack of Wolves"), added to the problem. Sandra assured me that the real reason for her frustration stemmed from lunch preparation itself and not the boys or "wolves". The constant "lost lids", "match the lids to the container" or the "where's the rubber band to keep the lid on" syndrome had to go! 

So one night in 2006 Sandra had enough and simply said, "Why can't you and your company design, engineer and build a lunch tray system that is easy to use, has no lost lids, is always easy to clean and actually looks like something you want to take to school or work?"

I asked Sandra to explain her thoughts and ideas and as you can imagine the list of 'wants' became a little more than what I was expecting, but like all good spouses said "Yes, no problem!" to each task.

This new lunchbox had to be:

‘green’ and safe - reduces waste from plastic bags, is environment-friendly, BPA-free and Lead-free
‘clean’ – dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, easy to clean and stackable
‘cool’ – great look, feel and design – something kids would enjoy
money saving – affordable and great value for money
convenient to use – no more lost or ill-fitting lids and keeps food warm or cool
a quality product – no warping and twisting, special storage  for a spoon and fork!
an inspiration for healthy lunch choices!

With such a ‘simple’ task at hand, I walked into work the next day and asked my two partners to get on board and make this happen. To my surprise, they said, "Wow, this is a great idea, let’s do it!" Well, to make a long story short, after years of engineering, development, testing and countless prototypes, it's finally here …  

The ThermaPod Lunchbox! It’s Green, Clean, and COOL! Sandra is one happy Mom and finally gave me the "Thumbs Up" in approval. The "wolves" are just fine and getting bigger with each day. 

I hope you enjoyed the story and welcome your feedback and support.  

Sincerely, Perry Rizzo, proud father, husband and President of Axiom Group Inc.


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