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What is the ThermaPod Mini Lunchbox? The ThermaPod is an innovative new lunchbox which is designed to be eco-friendly, safe, durable, fun for kids and convenient for use. It is innovative because of its unique features:
  • looks like laptop
  • perfect for the 6 going on 16!
  • a gel pack that keeps food warm or cool
  • a compact compartment to store cutlery (spoon, fork, chopstick)
  • virtually leak proof seperate compartments
  • attached lids – so no more lost lids

How is the ThermaPod different from other lunch boxes? The ThermaPod Mini Lunch Box is different and better. Firstly, it looks like a laptop and kids love that!  The lunch boxes in the market fall under two categories:  those that look like kids toys (too many cartoons) or those that look like mom’s kitchen food containers (borrring!).  We believe ours offers the best of both worlds:  fun for kids (they can sticker on it to their hearts delight) and is still easy to use, clean and safe to keep every mother happy. The ThermaPod lunchbox also has a great ‘secret’ compartment that can hold the ‘hot or cold’ gel pack or cutlery. Every mother knows the frustration of finding the right lid for the right container, lost lids, warped and damaged containers – especially when you’re preparing school lunches at the end of the day or first thing in the morning. The ThermaPod lunchbox is well designed to solve all these problems – the product is strong, durable, has seals and attached lids that are well fixed on the lunch box. It will not warp in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer.

How long can the ThermaPod keep food hot/cold? In terms of “how long”, there is no specific time scale we can state because there are many variables which affect temperature retention. Generally, your ThermaPod can keep foods cool/fresh longer than it the can keep foods hot. Our tests do show we outperform regular food containers. To optimize the length of time your food stays cooler/warmer, use an insulated lunch bag and to further increase it, use in conjunction with a hot/cold gel pack.

What is the ThermaPod Gel Pack? The ThermaPod Gel Pack is a specially designed gel encased in protective material that can be heated in the microwave or kept frozen in the freezer.  This Gel Pack can then be inserted in a compartment in the ThermaPod lunchbox so the food can be kept warm or cool – depending on the temperature of the Gel Pack. WARNING: Do NOT over heat in microwave 10 seconds is usually enough. You can heat in boiling water as a safe alternative.

Is the ThermaPod leak proof? The ThermaPod is “virtually” leak proof. It is designed for solid foods. It is not recommended to be used with watery or oily liquids. Thick sauces are okay. To avoid unnecessary leaking please do not overfill your ThermaPod as that may lift your lid and breach the seal.

Is the ThermaPod Mini Microwaveable, freezer safe? The ThermaPod is 100% microwave safe. It also is freezer and dishwasher safe.

Can I put my ThermaPod Mini in the dishwasher? The ThermaPod Mini is 100% dishwasher safe. The entire unit comes apart for washing, it is recommended that you remove the seal and set it aside (although it is dishwasher safe also), then load the entire unit in the dishwasher.

What is the inspiration behind the ThermaPod? Click here for the full story about how the ThermaPod was born.

What are the dimensions of the ThermaPod Mini? The ThermaPod Mini is 26 cm (10.2 inches) wide, 19 cm (7.5 inches) long and 5.5 cm (2.2 inches) tall. It weighs approximately one pound.

Who manufactures ThermaPod products? The ThermaPod Mini is manufactured in Aurora , Ontario, Canada (a suburb of Toronto) by Axiom Group Inc., ThermaPod's parent company. The Triton plastic resin (material) is made by Eastman Chemical Company of Tennessee .

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