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Thermapod Cutlery - $2.99

ThermaPod Cutlery is the most unique and useful cutlery on the market today. Fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks make up this innovative kit but that's not all! Every fork, knife and spoon have removable handles, designed to allow you to store spices, salt & pepper, salad dressing, seasonings or anything else that you may want to keep in there.

Durable and tough, these aren't your standard plastic cutlery. While usually when you think of plastic cutlery you think disposable, this cutlery set is built to last. Made from Eastman Triton plastic, the same materials as the ThermaPod Mini, this innovative cutlery set is dishwasher safe, and is great for eating hot food, cold food or any other type of food. Got steak for lunch? This cutlery will do the trick. Got salad? Fork it up with ThermaPod Cutlery, and put your salad dressing on right then from the handle so the lettuce and croutons don't get soggy. Love your Asian cuisine? The chopsticks are ready to scoop it up.

Product Features:

Stronger than any plastic utensils
Can re-use over and over
Handles unscrew and can carry salt, pepper, oil or vinegar inside
Dishwasher safe!
Super Tough/Durable
Transparent Design

Commitment to Quality:

Manufactured in North America
Free of BPA, lead, vinyl and phthalates
Superior Design and Construction
Committed to Customer Service
Made To Last



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